Belmond Grand (Mocha Java) Old Rail Coffee
Belmond Grand (Mocha Java) Old Rail Coffee

Belmond Grand (Mocha Java) Old Rail Coffee

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The Right Coffee To Start Your Day! 

Kick start your mornings and reinvigorate your day with a delectable cup of our Belmond Grand (Mocha Java).

An exquisite blend of South, Central American, and African beans, which creates a harmonious cup with rich body and acidity. This fine blend is complemented by underlying chocolate-y, nutty, and fruity tones.

Indulge yourself with this mocha java brew having hints of chocolate to entice your taste buds. 

Key Features

• Balanced flavour coffee with scrumptious Jack Fruit, Floral and Chocolaty experience 

• Rich body with high acidity - Roast Scale 2/5 

• Premium quality 100 % Arabica Brazilian whole bean coffee 



• Easy to brew in tardy and slow mornings; blends effortlessly with milk

• Genuine state of the art packaging to ensure freshness of every bean of coffee

• Classic aroma that livens you up

• Indulging and mouthwatering flavour: a treat for taste buds

Savour sips of pure joy. Enjoy Belmond Grand (Mocha Java) perfect for drip coffee, pour over and French press!