About Us - The Old Rail Story

The Story Behind the Brew

From "Kopi" in Indonesia, "Fika" in Sweden, "Caffè" in Italy, "Kahvi" in Finland, to "Coffee" in English, this drink has many names and has won countless hearts worldwide. Its allure is undeniable.

The inspiration for the Old Rail Coffee Company came during a moment when, as the exquisite aroma of coffee surrounded us, a realization hit: Coffee was our calling.

Our Vision

Wherever you are in the world, for many, the day truly begins with that first sip of coffee. Whether you're scaling the Alps or just grabbing a coffee and bagel on your way to work, a day without coffee feels incomplete.

We think of the many ventures possibly born from late-night brainstorming over coffee. We consider the long office hours made bearable with the promise of a fragrant coffee mug waiting at our desk. And in those moments when we sought comfort, we often found it in a cup of expertly brewed coffee.

Understanding this universal affection for coffee, we envisioned a connection like a rail – limitless and unbounded by regions. Thus, the Old Rail Coffee Company was founded: an online haven for coffee enthusiasts, dedicated to enriching lives with premium coffee.

Our Mission

At Old Rail Coffee Company, we celebrate coffee and recognize its paramount significance. Founded on the twin pillars of quality and community, we bring you the finest beans from two globally-acclaimed regions: the prolific Brazilian farms, responsible for a staggering third of the world's coffee, and the distinguished Colombian beans, celebrated as some of the finest.

With a promise of unparalleled freshness and heartwarming aroma, our philosophy is simple: from the tree to your mug. And while the mug holds our brew, we never lose sight of the tree, the origin of our coffee journey.

In gratitude, Old Rail Coffee Company is committed to a quarterly tree-planting initiative, our tribute to nature for her generous gifts.

Old Rail Coffee Company – changing the world, one bean at a time.

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